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Golf tournament

For the second year, the Rotary Club of Alfaz del Pi together with the L ’Alfàs-Albir International Golf Club organizes a charity Golf tournament to be held on November 14 at the Paco Saval del Albir golf course. Last year's tournament was a success not only for good golf but for all the families affected by the pandemic who were benefited with food and basic necessities.
This year, through the Rotary Community Development Group and the Express Heart Association, we will be helping families affected by COVID-19 who need it again.

Benefit concert: Tango Mania

Benefit concert organised by Rotary Club Alfaz del Pi International. For Corazón Expres. Donation/entrance: 10€

Performers: István I. Székely, piano and Pál Zsiga, violin. The most beautiful tangos.Tango Mania-3

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